The importance of forage crops stems from the importance of animal wealth in the country that enjoys more than 103 million livestock. Nutrition of this wealth is a real challenge. To help in this respect CTC Agrochemicals introduced several forage crops seeds such as Speedfeed, Rhodes grass, Alfa Alfa and much more. CTC Agrochemicals has introduced high quality hybrid seeds adapted to the Sudan to ensure a high yield.

Speed feed:
-    Very productive with quick recovery/fast growth.
-    Seed rate 20 – 25 Kg/Fedan.
-    Can grow up to 5 cm / Day in ideal conditions.
-    Ideal graze / cut at 1 meter  height
-    After 1 m - feed quality will be reduced and if grazed wastage is more.
-    Crude protein 17%, metabolisable energy 9.1 Mj/Kg.
-    Yield 40 ton/Fedan.

Rhoads grass:
-    Fine cut Rhodes grass is a perennial grass crop that can be
-    Cultivated commercially for a period of 3-5 years.
-    Fine cut is high nutrient value with protein contend 9 -13%>
-    It can be sown any time during the year, except in very cold or hot weather condition.
-    Sowing rate 8- 10 kg  1 Feddan at shallow depth and preferably covered after sowing. 
-    First cut is taken after 40 -50 days from sowing and following cut after 30 -36 days interval and the cutting distance is 12 15 cm above the ground .
-    The annual yield is 90 – 100 ton green fodder per feddan or 20 – 25 ton of hay under irrigation