CTC Agrochemicals is becoming an important player in the seeds sector by introducing hybrid and improved variety of seeds to Sudanese farmers that suit the Sudanese agricultural conditions and improve yield. As use of high quality seeds is an important component of the technology package in modern agricultural production, CTC Agrochemicals is becoming actively involved not only in the supply of improved seeds for field & vegetables crops but also planning to produce the hybrids locally in a joint venture with reputable seed companies e.g. Advanta – India

Seedling Production Nursery

Vegetable Seeds

CTC Agrochemicals started supplying the improved seeds of the most important vegetable crops in the Sudan namely tomato. Seeds of other vegetable crops are being tested in…

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Field Crops

CTC Agrochemicals carries improved seeds of Sunflower, Sorghum and Corn available to producers. Several hybrids of Cotton, Millet….etc and being tested in ARC. These hybrids…

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Forage Crops

The importance of forage crops stems from the importance of animal wealth in the country that enjoys more than 103 million animal units. Nutrition of this wealth is a real…

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