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27 May 2015 - CTC Agrochemicals

CTC Agrochemicals is a pioneer company in the field of weed control by providing the market with high quality Herbicides from BASF, Syngenta ,Dow AgroSciences,UPL and Sharda. Dual Gold S.Metolachlor              Dicopur 2,4-D amine Topik Clodinafop-propargyl                    Sharoxy Oxyflurofen                         Stomp Aqua Pendimethalin              Clinic  Glyphosate     Shar-super Chlorsulfuron                  Banvel Dicamba Pursuit Amidosulfuron                        Citaprim Atrazin Fluent Fluazifop-p-butyl                     Aceto  Acetochlor            Focus Altra Cycloxdim                       Goal Oxyflurofen            Saathi Pyrazosulfuron ethyl             Stam Propanil Gardoprim S.metolachlor+terbuthylazine    Sweep Glyphosate

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