Agricultural Production

Agricultural Production

CTC has traditionally been involved in the supply of high quality agricultural inputs and technical support. The main objective was to contribute to the revival of agricultural sector in the Sudan through the introduction of new technologies and capacity building for producers. Recently, CTC Group took the giant step towards upscaling its commitment to the agriculture sector by establishing the Agricultural Production and Export Unit (APE). The production endeavor will be in a joint venture with an Egyptian company (Technogreen) with vast experience in production and export or in partnership with the Sudanese private sector.

1.Green House Nursery:

This is a Spanish made nursery with advanced technology and  is the first of its kind in the Sudan. The vegetable seedlings are specially produced for plastic houses production in Khartoum State. Seedling of suitable hybrids or cultivars will be applied for seasonal or off-season open production. The total area under plastic houses existing now in Khartoum State is about 60 Fedans but increasing progressively with new green houses to reach 136 Fedans by early 2011. The area for open field production is vast and reaches more than 150,000 Fedans in the country. Open field production mainly takes place during the rainy and winter seasons and avoiding the hot summer months. The targeted vegetable crops for seedling productions are tomato, pepper, cucumber and cut flowers.

2. Plastic Houses for Vegetable Production for Local Market and Export:

This project is planned to cover an area of about 15 Fedans and for the intensive production of out of season vegetables like tomatoes, pepper and cucumber. This project contributes to the availability of these crops all year round for the local market and Export.

3. On Farm Trials:

This project is a joint venture between CTC Agrochemicals, Technogreen and MOA-Khartoum State.
The objective is the introduction of new technologies (new cultivars, new production systems, new crops) and use of the trials as demonstrations for technology transfer for technical staff and farmers. 10 Fedans in the Agricultural Farm of MOA-Khartoum State North of Omdurman, have been allocated for the trials project. The main targeted crops are vegetables under the shading net and in the open field. Besides grapes, other vegetables include tomatoes, aubergines (eggplant) squash and any other relevant crop. 

4. The Banana Project:

In this project bananas are grown for export in an area of 800 Fedan and increase to reach 2,000 Fedans in Sinnar State. New international cultivars, mainly 'Grand Nain', are going to be used. The latest technologies in cultivation and post harvest handling will be implemented to get the highest possible yield and the best quality.

5. Western Omdurman Project:

The allocated area is 1,000 Fedans. The study of the project calls for production of ground nuts, potatoes, corn, okra, and onion under central pivot irrigation system depending on the abundant underground water. Soil survey and geophysical studies have been performed. The completion of the project is underway. The uncovered area by the irrigation system will be used for the vegetable protected production or fruit trees using drip irrigation.

6. Shirian Alshamal Project:

An area of 5,000 Fedans has been approved for CTC Agrochemicals for the production of forage crops for export. This project will be irrigated by central pivots utilizing underground water.