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Our Promise is the continuity of technology transfer for better natural resources utilization to achieve sustainable agriculture in Sudan.

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High quality fungicides from Syngenta, UPL and Sharda to control a wide range of fungal disease in vegetables and other crops.

Sharben 50% WP Benomyl
Saaf Carbendazim12%+Mancozeb 63%
Tilit Bropyconazol
Folio Gold Mephenoxam+Chlorocylonil
Collis Boscalid
Priori Xtra azoxystrobin+cyproconazole

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Service & Technical Support

CTC Agrochemicals has established a number of key technical support centres to aid in the development and transfer of relevant know-how to the local industry. To find out more, please click here

T: +249 187 14 4000
T: +249 187 14 4128